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Add IPFS (Or Other) Protocol to a WordPress Site

If you have ever tried to place an IPFS link into a WordPress blog post only to later find that when you click on the link it goes nowhere. If we inspect the link with our browser’s developer tools we can see that a critical part of the URL has been removed. Because WordPress doesn’t recognize the ipfs:// protocol it is promptly removed by WordPress and substituted with an acceptable URL prococol usually http://.

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New Unstoppable Domains Extension – .blockchain

Unstoppable Domains – NFTs that have a lot to offer.

Unstoppable Domains has just announced that their newest extension is available, the .blockchain domain extension can now be purchased. This adds to a long list of domain extensions that have already been released such as .crypto, .zil, .nft, .888, .wallet, .coin, .x, .dao, .bitcoin .

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Add Polygon Chain to Metamask Wallet and Mint Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains Are Now Mintable on Polygon Network


If you have been awaiting the introduction of the Unstoppable Domains layer 2 solution for the enormous gas fees and long wait times for a transaction to go through that are sometimes associated with the Ethereum Blockchain. With quick transaction times, and very inexpensive gas fees Polygon will be a game changer making it so much easier to use Unstoppable Domains now and in the future.

This post shows you how to get your Metamask wallet prepared to use the Polygon Network with Metamask Wallet. The Polygon Network is also sometimes known as the Matic Mainnet. Adding the Polygon Network is necessary in order to be able to mint (aka claim) your Unstoppable Domains NFT domain to your wallet.

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How To Add An Unstoppable Domain As Custom Token To MetaMask

This is a repost of a formerly posted article that had a confusing title and needed some clarification.

This is the way to add Unstoppable Domains to an old Brave Wallet, while it does work with the new wallet, there is a bug that will not allow a zero decimal place when adding the token, if you use ‘1’ as the decimal place it makes the Unstoppable Domains show up as 0.1 if you have 1 UD or 0.2 if you have 2 UD. Also it should be noted the Contract Address is for .crypto domains only, the newer domain extensions (.wallet, .dao, .coin, .nft, etc.) use a different Contract Address, I will be updating this guide very soon and will post a link on this post when I get it finished.

Unstoppable Domains are a domain name extension somewhat similar to a .com or .org except that is on the Ethereum blockchain and ends in .crypto or on the Zilliqa blockchain and ends in .zil. Blockchain domains are stored inside a wallet as you would store a crypto-currency. An Unstoppable Domains blockchain domain can be used to build censorship-resistant websites, and used as an easier to remember crypto wallet addresses.

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