Filecoin Is Now Integrated Into Brave Browser Wallet

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Anyone that has purchased Filecoin on an exchange and has wanted to move it off exchange probably knows that the wallet support for the Filecoin token (FIL) is somewhat lacking. There are a few ways to hold Filecoin, but none of them are very convenient.

Most wallets that will accept Filecoin that I have found are experimental and require mucking around with beta or developer release software, or they are mobile only neither of which is very useful for any significant amount or cryptocurrency in my opinion. Or in the case of Lotus which is Filecoin’s full node software the hardware requirements are very stringent. You have to want to hold FIL to go through all the hoops.


Keeping FIL on an exchange like Gemini can earn you a return even a respectable rate of return (currently 7.25% on Gemini) when compared to the return from a traditional bank account, but it is quite a bit lower when compared to something like HashMix. (Both of these are referral links by the way I make a little but it costs you no more than normal and both of these options have risks involved, so do your due diligence before investing, nothing here should be taken as investment advice.)


Protocol Labs which is the company behind both Filecoin and IPFS, and Brave have been collaborating together ever since Brave was first implementing IPFS support. Brave is one of the few browsers that can browse IPFS natively and has been on the cutting edge of making the decentralized web more accessible. Although there is browser extensions for other browsers including Chrome and Firefox being able to enter an IPFS address directly into the address bar and have it resolve to the underlying content hosted on IPFS is amazing and helps to further decentralized the web. Brave’s previous work with their browser IPFS integration opened up a large part of Web3, now


Brave has integrated Filecoin (FIL) with the Brave browser wallet making a way for anyone that uses Brave to hold the Filecoin Token (FIL) directly in the browser’s wallet. This has been a much needed part of using the Filecoin network and hopefully more wallets will follow the lead Brave has taken and implement Filecoin support as it is an important part of the decentralized web.

You can download the Brave browser at:

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