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This is a work in progress, as I add more tools and resources I will better organize this page.

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links and if you use them I will make a small commission, also note that these are all services or products that I use, or have used in the past and believe them to be of high quality and therefore am recommending them. All of them are easily found just by typing the name in a search engine if you prefer to check them out without using the affiliate link. But I appreciate whenever anyone does use them.


IPFS – IPFS is the emerging frontrunner of the decentralized internet or Web3 as it is coming to be known as. Possible to host individual files or even a complete website. You can find this website on IPFS at: ipfs://bafybeiboizt2pyqmxq7ckmgcwmapkcy5svn4tbubga33spxmnskwfqvjla/
or by using the more user friendly lemsmyth.crypto . This is an Unstoppable Domains and is a way to have a memorable url for your website hosted on IPFS. An Unstoppable Domains can also be entered into a number of crypto-wallets and allows the sending to a crypto-currency address that has been added before.

IPFS logo
Unstoppable Domains – Own for life a .crypto domain that you can use to build a censorship-resistant website and use as an easy to remember address for your crypto wallets. Place your website on IPFS and use your .crypto domain name to point people to it similar to a IPNS except on the blockchain and more human readable. Use this referral link and get $10 off your first purchase of $40 minimum at Unstoppable Domains. You can use an Unstoppable Domains as both an easily to remember/use crypto-currency address for many crypto-currencies, as well as your IPFS or web3 domain name (similar to a URL).

Unstoppable Domains Logo





Brave a web browser with built-in ad blocker that pays you in BAT crypto-currency) for the ads that are shown if you chose to view them (there is a setting to completely turn off the ads).

Opera – Another browser that has native support for IPFS, Opera was one of the first with support for IPFS and continues to be in the forefront of the decentralized web.

Browser extentions for IPFS:

IPFS Companion – helps to resolve the IPFS URI’s so that browsers can load them. A must have extention while surfing the decentralized internet.

Unstoppable Extention – A browser extention that will get your browser to resolve the newer domain names (.crypto will still resolve with Brave or Opera), The browsers are having a diffficult time keeping up with thw fast pace of IPFS and web3 in general. This extention currently is needed to fill the gap.
If you don’t have a LBRY account be sure to signup because there is links to resources on LBRY below. Signup with my link and get some LBC.

LBRY is a YouTube alternative but decentralized and on the Blockchain, Just get an account now and be ready. More than just videos can be posted to the LBRY Blockchain, PDF’s and even text or markdown could be posted.

LBRY logo

For coding and development:

Atom text editor, an open source text editor. My current daily driver!.

Atom Code Editor Octonaut




VS Codium – I have switched to using VS Codium, which is a FLOSS version of the very popular VSCode, I don’t want to be giving Microsoft any more information that they don’t need.




MAMP a bundled PHP and MySQL server (primarily for Macintosh but I think they have a Windows version now also) that will create a localhost server for building websites without a hosting company.

If you don’t want to, or can’t use MAMP then there is also XAMPP  which I used in the past, it is another great choice.

For Graphic Design:

Inkscape – A free open source SVG creation tool. Free both as in no cost and as in freedom.

Inkscape Mountain


The GIMP –  A free graphics program and photo editor. Free both as in no cost and as in freedom.

Gimp Mascot


Krita – is a digital painting and animation suite of tools. I have not had as much experience with Krita but have enjoyed whenever I have used this program. Free and open source.

Krita Digital Palet

Hosting and Domain Registrars:

Bluehost –  They were a good hosting provider for me, while I was getting started, no complaints other than limited on the software you can install, it was possible to get ssh access after talking with customer service.

Vultr – I have switched to a VPS and now am using Vultr, I still recommend Bluehost as a hosting company for new comers to having a website, there is just too much going on during the beginning to try and maintain a server also. But if you have experience with Linux or are aware of what it takes to keep a server going then I do recommend Vultr, they accept the usual forms of payment and also accept crypto-currency which is one of the reasons that I went with them.

NameCheap – My domain registrar, I have no complaints with them either. I had my domain names registered with GoDaddy when I first started building websites, but I do not recommend using GoDaddy at all.


I used PIA (Private Internet Access) for quite a while. Sign up using my link and we both will get 30 days of free PIA VPN service.  I also have used TorGuard for my VPN, both are very reliable. I have used a both VPN services not only to protect myself anytime I need to use public WIFI, but also while in foreign countries to get around firewalls. I consider a VPN as a must have tool.

Some resources about the decentralized internet: ↓ is a publishing platform that earns you crypto by being tipped from readers. You can publish articles or blog posts and be tipped by readers, the tips come from a pool and are not directly paid from the readers. In fact the reader also earns crypto.

Coinbase – Sign up for a Coinbase account and we will each get $10 worth of Bitcoin after you fund your account with $100.

KuCoin – An Exchange that is useful for holders of smaller amounts in crypto as the trading fees are lower than most exchanges. Also if you are on Publish0x and use KuCoin as your withdrawal to address there are some advantages, such as a lower minimum payout amount and weekly withdrawals available. Another bonus with Kucoin is that there is currently no KYC required for trading smaller amounts of crypto. My Kucoin referral code: rJ82N23

Gemini – Another exchange that I have found to be very good. We both get $10 worth o Bitcoin after you complete KYC and make your first $100 trade.

Vultr – I have moved my websites from Bluehost to a VPS and the reason that I went with Vultr is that in addition to taking standard payment methods they also accept Bitcoin which is a nice feature. Blazing fast hosting and I recommend to anyone that is ready to switch from a shared hosting plan. I don’t however recommend it for a beginner, there is just too much involved in maintaining a server to make it wort the bother. But if you are a Linux user or have experience with server administration then I recommend you have a look at Vultr Use my link and get $100 credit to use in the first month.

Giving Assistant – this is a rebate site that I have used quite a lot and have always had good results. They do payout and are easy to use just be sure to start your shopping from Giving Assistant’s site. Get $5 for signing up and pretty good rebates on your shopping with Giving Assistant.