Add IPFS (Or Other) Protocol to a WordPress Site

If you have ever tried to place an IPFS link into a WordPress blog post only to later find that when you click on the link it goes nowhere. If we inspect the link with our browser’s developer tools we can see that a critical part of the URL has been removed. Because WordPress doesn’t recognize the ipfs:// protocol it is promptly removed by WordPress and substituted with an acceptable URL prococol usually http://.

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Add GitHub or Any Contact Method to WordPress

Adding social contact methods to a WordPress user account admin panel doesn’t need to be difficult. If you have been around WordPress for a little while you may remember at one time there was more contact method fields, it even had some obscure ones like jabber and aim, but now there is just the bare minimum – email and website, Not even the more popular socialist sites, like Facebook and Twitter. And if you think about it it makes sense, even if WordPress could list all the different platforms, would you really want every site known, in your admin panel? Doubtful, instead WordPress leaves it up to us to

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