New Unstoppable Domains Extension – .blockchain

Unstoppable Domains releases new extension .blockchain

Unstoppable Domains – NFTs that have a lot to offer.

Unstoppable Domains has just announced that their newest extension is available, the .blockchain domain extension can now be purchased. This adds to a long list of domain extensions that have already been released such as .crypto, .zil, .nft, .888, .wallet, .coin, .x, .dao, .bitcoin .

This is a interesting extension especially if you happen to own a wallet. is a popular wallet that has also just implemented the ability of resolving all the Unstoppable Domains into cryptocurrency addresses. Using this feature wallets are able to resolve Unstoppable Domains instantly changing them to the underlying address which the owner has already associated with the domain name. No more trying to share a long string of characters, or worry about copy-pasting the wrong address. however is not the only wallet that can resolve Unstoppable Domains, there is quite a large number of wallets that can resolve these domains into cryptocurrency addresses the list can be found here.

Hint: if it is a popular wallet it probably has this the ability to resolve the domain name, if not it almost certainly will be able to in the very near future.

Just use your Unstoppable Domains as the address that you hand out to anyone that wants to send you some cryptocurrency (after you have attached a wallet address to the domain name of course). Unstoppable Domains can accept a huge amount of cryptocurrency addresses… something like 275+ different cryptocurrency addresses can be resolved instantly by using an Unstoppable Domains. Remember you will need to add each cryptocurrency address that you want to be associated with the domain through the dashboard, but after you do it makes sharing your cryptocurrency addresses a breeze.

A lot of wallets have been adding support for Unstoppable Domains extensions you can check your wallet’s support by using this tool. And if you don’t like the .blockchain extension there is lots of the other extensions still available for purchase, search for one that you like, I have always been partial to the .crypto extension, but that could just be because my first Unstoppable Domains was a .crypto, maybe some nostalgia.. I suppose.

Keep in mind that Unstoppable Domains are purchased once and after transferring them to your wallet you own and control it with no renewal fees, ever!, and because they are in your wallet that means they are yours. Unless you loose your private key or seed phrase (be sure to write down your seed phrase and your private keys for all your wallets, and never share them with anyone).

You can mint your Unstoppable Domains on the Polygon Network and all the gas costs are paid by Unstoppable Domains for the minting and when you are managing them in the future… i.e. when you add, remove or change a cryptocurrency address, or when updating an IPFS hash to point your domain name at a decentralized website hosted on IPFS.

There is so much that can be done with an Unstoppable Domains and also much more coming in the future. Be sure to do a search for your favorite Unstoppable Domains name and no matter which extension you choose you are sure to find a use for your Unstoppable Domains.

Prices start at only $5 and go up from there.

Unstoppable Domains NFTs are also transferable.

What do you do after purchasing an Unstoppable Domains NFT?

The first thing to do is to “Mint” it or claim it which is the process of sending the domain to your wallet. I recommend Metamask but if you have another wallet that you prefer, feel free to use that instead. I have an article which goes through the steps to add the Polygon Network to Metamask if it is not already available, and then adding a custom token so that the Unstoppable Domains will show up in the Metamask wallet. So bookmark that link and come back to it when you are ready to mint your domain. After that add all your cryptocurrency addresses you want to use with the domain from inside the Unstoppable Domains dashboard. Later, if you want to create a website to host on IPFS you can check out the templates that are available on GitHub, or create a static website that can be uploaded from the Unstoppable Domains dashboard.

There is all this, and much more that you can do with your Unstoppable Domains so what is stopping you? Be Unstoppable… check them out and consider buying one today. Do a search using my link: and I receive a referral fee but it cost you no more. Thank you for reading!

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