How To Find Your Unstoppable Domain In A Metamask Wallet

Find Your Unstoppable Domain Inside Your Metamask Wallet

Unstoppable Domains are a domain name extension somewhat similar to a .com or .org except that is on the Ethereum blockchain and ends in .crypto or on the Zilliqa blockchain and ends in .zil. Blockchain domains are stored inside a wallet as you would store a crypto-currency. An Unstoppable Domains blockchain domain can be used to build censorship-resistant websites, and used as an easier to remember crypto wallet addresses.

Learn more about the possible uses for an Unstoppable Domains name.

Probably many of you know this already but it did puzzle me the first time I purchased an Unstoppable Domain, so I am going to throw it out there as it may help someone.

The first time I purchased an Unstoppable Domains address I used a Metamask wallet (which is the wallet recommended by Unstoppable Domains for storing domains).

Note: Metamask is available for Download here, and is also available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox and Edge. Metamask wallet is also built into the Brave browser which is the browser that I used for this.

I created a sub-wallet  just to hold my domains, just to keep things a bit more organized but not required. After buying the domain I could not immediately find it in the wallet just by looking inside the wallet. I knew that I had purchased the domain and had double checked the address to send to but there was no sign of it in the Metamask wallet, I thought that maybe I just needed to wait a bit… It turns out that  I needed to add it as a token first and before I could view it in the Metamask wallet.

Metamask wallet before adding Unstoppable Domains token


I created a wallet specifically for holding the domains that I have but as you can see after purchasing the Unstoppable Domain it does not show up by default. it just looks like an empty wallet.

Metamask wallet add token button
To remedy this click on the button to “Add Token”, next we need to find the Unstoppable Domain contract address.


From the Unstoppable Domains website we can find this by opening the menu click on “Show more” scroll down and find the “Documentation” menu item.

Unstoppable Domains Website Menu

Unstoppable Domains Contract Address

Now select “CNS smart contracts” from the menu and we scroll down to the Registry section and we want the ‘mainnet’ address: 0xD1E5b0FF1287aA9f9A268759062E4Ab08b9Dacbe and to verify this we can go to be sure we can place this into the search box and it should show like this


Unstoppable Domains Contract Address


With a link to the official site and the logo we can be fairly certain that this contract belongs to “Unstoppable Domains”. Lets copy this contract to our clipboard and go back to the Metamask wallet.

Add Token to Metamask Wallet



Now we take this contract address and place it into the first field. the other fields should self populate showing UD as the token and 0 for the decimal places.

Paste Contract Address into Field

Then click on “Next”, and we will be asked to confirm “Add Tokens”.

Confirm Add Token to Metamask Wallet


Now when we look at our wallet we can see the UD token and the amountof Unstoppable Domains we currently hold.

Metamask Wallet Showing the Unstoppable Domain Token

And that is pretty much all that there is to being able to view your Unstoppable Domains inside a Metamask wallet.

If you would like to purchase an Unstoppable Domain, using my link and you will receive $10 off your first purchase of $40 or more and I will receive a small referral fee. I think the .crypto is a cool extension for anyone involved in crypto-currency and they go for a one time payment of $40 currently, and you hold them in your wallet under your control. They also have .zil domains that go for $20 currently.
Like anything the earlier adopters will have a better selection of domain names available, and unlike regular domains there is not a yearly renewal fee. I won’t go into all the uses of an Unstoppable Domain but you can add your crypto wallet addresses and then use your domain name as your wallet address in a number of wallets making it easier to “remember” your crypto addresses.
More of the wallets that support this feature can be found here.

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